How Feelings Factor Into Conflict

Grades K-8

This Sharing Circle topic comes from the grades K-8  resource book, TEACHING THE SKILLS OF CONFLICT RESOLUTION

Children who have learned to understand, accept, and control their feelings are not only less vulnerable to conflict, they are better equipped to deal constructively with conflict when it occurs. This Sharing Circle will allow students to better understand the connection between feelings and behavior. The topic for this Sharing Circle is, Something I Do That Makes Me Happy

  Here’s Your Monday Morning Sharing Circle.


Something I Do That Makes Me Happy


The students will:
— identify something that they enjoy doing.
— state that all people can make themselves feel better.

Introduce the Topic:

Today we are going to think about things that we do to make ourselves feel good.  The topic is, “Something I Do That Makes Me Happy.”

Do you know that you can make yourself feel happy?  We all do things every day to help ourselves feel good.  We give hugs to people we love, and that feels good.  We sometimes sing or dance or tell jokes to make ourselves happy.  We might make ourselves happy by playing a favorite game or reading a good book; by getting together with a close friend, playing with a pet, relaxing in front of T.V., or taking a walk.  Close your eyes right now and think of one thing that you do to make yourself happy.  Maybe you eat a favorite snack in the afternoon, or cuddle up with your cat.  Perhaps you paint, or work on your computer.  Take a few moments to think about it.  The topic is, “Something I Do That Makes Me Happy.”

Discussion Questions:

1. Why is it important to know how to make yourself feel better?
2. What ideas did you hear that you’d like to try?
3. Who is in control of how you feel?  Explain.


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Here’s How It’s Done

Gather everyone into a circle.

Explain the rules for sharing, and get agreement from everyone that they will follow the rules.

Sharing Circle Rules:

•  Everyone gets a turn to share, including the leader.
•  You can skip your turn if you wish.
•  Listen to the person who is sharing.
•  There are no interruptions, probing, put-downs, or gossip.
•  Share the time equally.

After everyone has shared, who wants to share, ask the discussion questions.

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